Flower Decor - Unicorns

Flower Decor - Unicorns

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This unicorn Flower set includes:


7 Sparkly Golden winged Unicorns (ranging from approx 6.5-12cm)

3 Large Flowers (ranging from approx 21-25cm)

6 Small Flowers with Sparkly Golden Unicorns (ranging from approx 7.5-11cm)

4 Rosettes

6 Leaves (ranging from approx 22-24cm)


Pieces can be arranged in any way you choose!

The arrangement pictured has a width of 104cm.

All pieces come with double sided tape attached to the back for hanging.

Alternatively, you can use Blu-tac for a removable option.

Maintenance: If your flowers get dusty, any kind of dry dusting works well to keep clean.

Colours and designs can be customised. Please email to discuss your choices at entangled@hotmail.com.au